US Partnerships Lead, Corundum Neuroscience

President, Platt & Associates, Inc.

With over 15 years in the field of neurotechnology, JoJo has built a unique and powerful network within the neurotech community.  As the US Partnership’s Lead for CNS Ventures, she identifies and engages with promising neurotechnology companies with novel solutions in the areas of pain, stress, and sleep for the purposes of investment, incubation, and grant funding.
Her role in the launch of the field of bioelectronic medicine, the peer-reviewed journal of the same name, and the Center for Bioelectronic Medicine, has afforded her the opportunity to create meaningful relationships with researchers and business leaders at all levels in the field. JoJo works with a variety of clients including academic and research institutions, start-ups, industry leaders, and venture firms to accelerate business and create opportunities. She is a prominent voice in the industry and highlights advances in the field through her network, podcast, and speaking appearances.