Vice Chair of Academic Affairs, University of Colorado School of Medicine
Director, UCHealth Steadman Hawkins Clinic Denver
Profesor and Vice Chair, Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, University of Colorado School of Medicine
Head Team Physician for the Denver Nuggets
Team Physician for the Denver Broncos
Previously: Director of the Stanford Tissue Regeneration Laboratory

Jason L. Dragoo, MD is a pioneer in the field of Biologics and Regenerative Medicine, as well as minimally invasive Sports Medicine procedures. He is the Endowed Chair of Regenerative Medicine and has developed many procedures designed to augment the healing of a patient’s own body. He strongly favors the use of autologous procedures (the use of the patient’s own tissue or cells for the procedure) versus allograft procedures (using tissue and cells from another human). 

Dr. Dragoo believes that joint restoration techniques, which add tissue back to a damaged joint, should be used whenever possible (eg. cartilage and meniscal transplantation), rather than procedures that are designed to take tissue away (meniscal resection). He approaches standard procedures such as ACL reconstruction, meniscal and tendon repair with a less-invasive approach than commonly performed. A significant number of Dr. Dragoo’s patients are elite athletes (professional, collegiate, or Olympic) but he welcomes athletic patients of all ages and treats them with the same philosophy and surgical or non-surgical techniques.

Dr. Dragoo is the Head Team Physician for the Denver Nuggets and a Team physician for the Denver Broncos. He is also a consultant physician for the US Ski Team and was previously the Head Team Physician for the Stanford Football Program for 13 years. Dr. Dragoo grew up in the Napa Valley and is an avid wine collector, outdoor enthusiast, youth football coach and a hot air balloon pilot.​ 

Dr. Dragoo currently has 5 active NIH grants, has published 3 textbooks, authored over 70 peer-reviewed articles and is the Director of the Stanford Tissue Regeneration Laboratory.

Sessions at Neurovations Events

2017 Napa Pain Conference

  • Evidence-based Regenerative Medicine Workshop

Select Publications

  • Taylor, S. E., Lee, J., Smeriglio, P., Razzaque, A., Smith, R. L., Dragoo, J. L., … & Bhutani, N. (2016). Identification of human juvenile chondrocyte-specific factors that stimulate stem cell growth. Tissue Engineering Part A22(7-8), 645-653.
  • Dragoo, Jason L. “The Use of Platelet-Rich and Platelet-Poor Plasma to Enhance Differentiation of Skeletal Myoblasts Implications for the Use of Autologous Blood Products for Muscle Regeneration.” Orthopaedic journal of sports medicine 4.7 suppl4 (2016): 2325967116S00150.
  • LaPrade, R. F., Dragoo, J. L., Koh, J. L., Murray, I. R., Geeslin, A. G., & Chu, C. R. (2016). AAOS research symposium updates and consensus: biologic treatment of orthopaedic injuries. Journal of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons24(7), e62-e78.