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Founder, CEO of Neurovations: Napa Pain Institute, N3 Laboratories, Neurovations Clinical Research, Neurovation Education and Napa Surgery Center

Eric J. Grigsby, MD, MBA, nationally-renowned pain care specialist and founder of Napa Pain Institute, has left an impact in his community—and around the world—through his work in pain management.

Dr. Grigsby’s interest in health care and community service began before medical school, as an undergraduate student at Brown University. While there, he volunteered with disabled children at the Boston Children’s Hospital department of orthopedic surgery. It was during this time that he formed a deep empathy for the extent of the pain and suffering endured by patients with chronic illness. At this time, chronic pain wasn’t well understood and there were too few ways to treat it. Dr. Grigsby committed himself to finding ways to address chronic pain and turned it into a lifelong mission to advocate for better pain care as a physician, an industry innovator, and a global health philanthropist.

This commitment to advancing the care options available to patients suffering from pain and chronic disease led Dr. Grigsby to seek the best training, leading him to the world-renowned Mayo Clinic, where he completed his residency and later taught, before moving to the University of California at Davis. At UC Davis, he established the university’s pain management program and began formalizing what would become the first set of safe prescribing guidelines for the California Medical Board. Along with his commitment to effective pain care, he had an equal and important commitment to the safety of his patients and in his community.

In the early 1990s, Dr. Grigsby established the Napa Pain Institute, which grew quickly into one of the busiest private practices in the nation, with a reputation for advancing interventional, non-opioid therapies.

Dr. Grigsby created the nonprofit HealthRoots Foundation, dedicated to improving global health through on-the-ground service and innovation. HealthRoots partners with UC Berkeley, Stanford, and other leaders to host the annual Bay Area Global Health Innovation Challenges; supporting students around the world with innovative solutions to global health needs.

Today, Dr. Grigsby remains active in the conversation around safe prescribing, serving on the Napa County Opioid Coalition, and working with hospital groups to improve their prescribing practices, ensuring the best care for every patient.


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