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Join us in Napa August 15-18, 2019
    Rates increase 5/1/2019
MDs, DOs, DCs,
    Rates increase 5/1/2019
Adv. Practice Provider
PA, APRN, CNP, etc
    Rates increase 5/1/2019
Full time employees
    Rates increase 5/1/2019
Nurses & Allied Health
    Rates increase 5/1/2019
Must provide copy of student ID
    Rates increase 5/1/2019

ADA Needs?

The Napa Pain Conference is ADA compliant. We take appropriate steps to ensure that no individual with a disability is excluded or otherwise treated differently.

Please contact us at Education@Neurovations.com after you’ve registered in order for us to work with the conference site. Requests for special accommodations under the ADA must allow enough time for evaluation and appropriate action by Neurovations Education and the venue.

Individuals requiring special assistance should contact Neurovations Education staff on site.