Coronavirus & COVID-19

Since the beginning of 2020, we’ve been monitoring the restrictions and research pertaining to the
SARS-CoV-2 virus and COVID-19.

As the pandemic spread and social distancing became commonplace, we, like many others, recognized the need to adapt the Napa Pain Conference (NPC) to support public health and safety initiatives.

At this time, the situation is improving. Clinicians on the front lines are our heroes (like our own Meghan Damelio, NP who has temporarily returned to her home of New York to aid in the response effort). In California, it’s anticipated that groups of up to 10 people might be permitted to assemble in May. By June or July it’s expected that as many as 50 people may be permitted in close proximity to each other. The Napa Pain Conference anticipated over 550 attendees this year. But rather than giving up or postponing, we went back to the drawing board to deliver something amazing.

Innovation is at the heart of our company. We wondered if there was a way to create opportunity – whatever that may be – in the crisis. After all, Neurovations is “a patient care and innovation company.” So we did what we do best and evaluated the landscape, scoured the world for the best partners, and determined how to provide leadership to the pain management community that we love.

For years, we’ve been working to expand access to the amazing content of the Napa Pain Conference as online material. This was planned as a series of crafted learning modules available each year following the conference. By 2022, we would simulcast NPC as we outgrow our venue.

Instead, the Napa Pain Conference will be streamed online in 2020. And, in response to the rash of canceled pain conferences from Australia to Amsterdam, and the ensuing need for education – we’re giving away access and CME credits to every clinician who registers and attends the August 15 broadcast.

Producing the highest quality online conference in pain medicine requires expertise and resources. We have the former, but are reliant upon exhibitors, sponsors and grants to achieve our goal. The more that you can support, the larger an audience we can deliver.

We’ve developed exciting ways to replicate the interactivity of a vendor hall, the means to distribute marketing materials, and ongoing sponsorships that endure beyond the Conference broadcast.

We’re committed to making this program a success for everyone and setting the standard for web-based conferences.

In an effort to address COVID-19 and support the clinical community, we began work on in March to develop and distribute free CME resources to fight the growing health crisis. We would be deeply grateful if you can support this initiative in addition to your participation in the Napa Pain Conference.