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Breakout 1 | New Paradigms for Neuromodulation

Why Results Vary: Understanding Variations from the Nervous System

  • Physiological and Psychosocial Determinants of Individual Differences in the Pain Experience:  Selecting the Right Therapy for the Right Patient
  • Selecting the Right Stimulation Parameters for your Patients: Going Beyond the Simple Trial and Error Strategy
  • Surgical Considerations in Selecting the Anatomical Location of Neuromodulation Implant Sites for Patients with Complex Spine and Abdominal Anatomy
  • Neuromodulation when PNS and SCS Fails: Current State of the Art for CNS Stimulation for Pain

August 17 @ 14:00

2:00 pm

– 4:00 pm


Jeff Kramer, PhD, Lawrence Poree, MD, PhD, MPH, Line Jacques, MD, MSc., FRCS(C)