Industry-Pioneering Faculty

The depth and breadth of faculty at Neurovations Education events is unrivaled. They are International leaders in neuroscience, clinical practice, and government policy.

Headshot of Dr. Carol Warfield
Headshot of Dr. David Copenhaver
Elizabeth Blackburn Headshot
Headshot of Dr. Ellen W.K. Rosenquist, MD
Head shot of Hanna Grol-Prokopczyk
Headshot of Dr. Kate Meacham
Head shot of Dr. Monika Patel
Dr Paul Christo
Headshot of Dr. Richard W. Rosenquist
Head shot of Dr. Robby Bowles
Headshot of Dr. Samer Narouze
Head shot of Dr. Scott Pritzlaff
Headshot of Prof. Sten Lindahl
Head shot of Steven Richeimer
Headshot of Dr. W. Michael Hooten